Black Coffee & Vinyl Presents: Ice Culture explores the beauty and mystery of our world’s ice, and reveals the necessity of ice to our human survival. The project explores the traditions and cultures of people connected to ice from the Arctic Circle to Antarctica, and raises vital concerns about climate change that can no longer be ignored. As climate change affects the weather and composition of our planet, our ice continues to melt. This reality affects all of us, regardless of where we live.

Ice Culture celebrates the physical and spiritual nature of ice. Ice has soul. It has a song. Ice radiates; it glows. It’s precious. Ice is a resource. Ice Culture showcases ice in all of its forms, from majestic glaciers to ice-carved musical instruments.

The diverse collection features art, music and literature by artists living and working in countries such as Greenland, Iceland, Canada, Germany, Norway, Japan and United States.

Experience the adventures of polar scientists and ice surfers. Develop a mind of winter. Sit beside the window, beholding freshly fallen snow. Listen to original compositions and a hypnotic, ice-inspired DJ mix. Discover the most magnificent hue of blue.

Each work of art takes you to another part of the world. We hope you enjoy the journey.

Thank you,
Willona M. Sloan
Curator & Managing Editor

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Willona M. Sloan
Curator & Managing Editor

Bob Villaflor
Creative Director for Black Coffee & Vinyl print edition

Heather Benjamin
Associate Editor

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